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 Half an idea for a new fic

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PostSubject: Half an idea for a new fic   Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:59 am

Its kinda hard to explain. I got the idea driving home today. Now Im not up on my whole Killjoy terminology so help me out a little.

Guy, lets call him Gerard. Life long friends with...lets call her Jessie, and with...lets call him Charlie (These are NOT Killjoy names, I know) so, for example...the video to sing happens and everyone thinks Gerard is dead. He's not seen Jessie for phft, 10 years, he's no idea where she is. And now Charlie is one of the bad guys.

Unknown to Gerard, Jessie is alive ad doing very well. She hears he's gonna get himself in a little bother and decides to bail his ass out. But is fronted by Charlie, who, at one point was her one & only...until something (I don't know yet) made him a bad guy.

Does Jessie try to save Gerard or Charlie...or does she get killed herself?

What do you think? All my ideas start off half cooked like this? If you wanna help. Co-write. Im good with that! Smile x
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PostSubject: Re: Half an idea for a new fic   Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:00 pm

that's a cool Idea Em you know I'd read that I always read your fics. cowritting could be fun but I'm shit at writting compared to you
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Half an idea for a new fic
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