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 Please Read; before posting fiction

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PostSubject: Please Read; before posting fiction   Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:39 am

Guidelines for posting fictions/creative writing.

The topic title must include the following:
  • Story title.
  • Rating. (For more details on rating see rating sticky in the writing forum.)
  • Chapter Number. (E.G 2/7)
  • Date of late update. (E.G 12/Oct. Please try to spell the first part of the month, Brits and American's do it the other way around. Don't want people confused.)
  • Fandom. (Only if you're writing a fan fiction.)

Keep all the story in the same topic. E.G when you update do not start a new topic. Simply edit the topic title with the chapter number and the date you updated.

The first post must contain:
  • Title:
  • Rating:
  • Fandom/Original/Chaptered/One (or two) shot/Completed/Dabble: (delete as appropriate)
  • Summary: (when writing a summary think of it in a way of the write-up on the back of books. It's the first thing potential readers will read of your work. Make it gripping.)
  • You may also have a banner, always credit the maker of it, even if it's you. Banners are optional

Spelling and good grammar is a must! If you're not the best at spelling or grammar isn't your strong point that's fine, as long as you try, that's all we ask. But if yOu TpYe LyE DisS - I will delete your story. Text type is a no-no, unless you're using it for affect, e.g your character is sending a text message.

Happy posting. Smile
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Please Read; before posting fiction
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